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There are some essential treatments that are a necessity for your dog’s health and well-being as well as reducing extra work for you at home (shedding!).

Nail Clipping

We include this in the price of all our grooms! It’s important nails are clipped regularly, especially in the cases where dogs live a sedentary lifestyle. Nails should never curve and face back into the pad, this can cause extreme discomfort to your dog, if your dog is regularly groomed then there is no need to maintain this at home.

Ear Cleaning

We include this in all our grooms!

Cleaning and in some breeds plucking the ears is an essential part of a basic grooming routine. The dog’s ear anatomy is a fairly complex structure and the lack of air passing through the dog’s ears can cause some serious infections. If you continue to stick to your grooming schedule you won’t need to worry!

Teeth Check up

Included in your groom

Keeping up with dental hygiene is really important as plaque build up can cause irritation, pain and in extreme cases the removal of your dog’s teeth. We can also give you advice on how to care for teeth at home. Please note continuous bad breath is usually a sign of a more serious dental problem or oral disease and I advise you check gums for redness and teeth for tartar and plaque build up.

De-shedding Treatment

Add $7.50 (small dog), $10.00 (medium dog) and $15.00 (large dog) to your groom

Your dog’s coat and skin are permanent parts of his body. When the weather heats up, he can’t take his coat off. This is one reason all dogs shed hair, especially during warm months. Add this treatment to your grooming package and we will remove loosened hair with de-shedding tools and high powered blow dryers.

Ultimate De-shedding Mud Bath Treatment

Add $13.00 (small dog), $18.00 (medium dog), $25.00 (large dog) to your groom

Shedding can be frustrating causing extra work for you. Dry skin can cause excessive shedding that can be prevented. This is the perfect natural solution for you, the product contains Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, Alpa Hydroxys and more to treat clogged hair follicles, remove loose fur and release the under coat. This really is the holly grail of the de-shedding treatments while delivering so many more skin care benefits at the same time – 1st class!